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Experience the full flavor and intense aromas that our fresh roasted specialty grade coffee has to offer--you won't ever go back.


How do you like your coffee?


For those who love their coffee black, we offer a selection of single origin beans that bring out the naturally delicious flavors that specialty coffee has to offer. Taste the distinct flavor notes from each coffee origin. 


For those who love flavored coffee, we offer a French Vanilla flavored coffee as well as our famous Bourbon Pecan. Our unique flavoring process infuses natural flavoring into the freshly roasted beans creating a zero calorie yet very flavorful coffee. Many more flavors coming soon!



For those who consider milk and cream essential to making a great coffee, we will help you make your iced lattes and macchiatos taste better than the coffee shop! Our Warhorse roast is dialed in to be a perfect base for espresso style drinks. The mild acidity and chocolate notes pair very well with milk and cream


3 essential steps for your perfect cup of coffee

Bean Origin.jpg

The Bean Origin

The bean type, farming process, region and altitude of the farm attribute to the flavor characteristics of coffee. Typically high-altitude single origin arabica beans are  going to produce the highest quality coffee.


The Roaster

Roasting coffee is a meticulous hands on process. Small adjustments can have a huge impact on the flavor of the coffee. It is best to use freshly roasted coffee beans because the coffee's precious flavor compounds are only present for about a month after roasting.

Coffee Drip

Proper Brewing

Brewing coffee the wrong way can destroy what would have been a great cup of coffee. The grind size, water to coffee ratio, and water temperature play a role in the strength and extraction of the coffee. These variables can be adjusted to your preference to make a perfect cup.

We crea­­­­ted this company with two goals in mind:

Source and roast the best coffee possible…

And share it with the world.

For most people, coffee is an essential pillar of their

morning routine.

Sipping coffee puts you in the right mindset to win the day.

So why not drink the best?

Straight from the farm, to our roaster, to your cup,

Stallion offers the best specialty coffee on the market.

Our mission is to set the new standard for what coffee should be. Many people have accepted that black coffee is not good by itself which is based on the fact that a majority of coffee consumed in the United States is commodity grade meaning it's overly roasted (burnt and bitter) for "consistency" and to dull out the unpleasant flavors of inferior coffee beans.

Also, most coffee is consumed far past the 30 day freshness window. While most of the market has accepted burnt, bitter and stale to be the standard for black coffee, we are extremely passionate about raising that standard by only offering fresh roasted, specialty grade coffee.


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