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Who are we?


    We're a couple guys from St. Louis whose goal is to get you the highest quality coffee possible. This business started with a love for coffee that turned into a passion for finding and roasting coffee beans. After mastering the art of roasting specialty coffee, we decided it's time to show the world what good coffee is. There is a huge problem with the coffee market today that we aim to solve. 64% of American adults consume coffee everyday, but most people are drinking inferior coffee that is burnt and stale. Most coffee is roasted for way too dark for "consistency" but leaves the coffee tasting burnt and flavorless. Plus, most coffee being sold in stores or chain coffee shops has been roasted months sometimes over a year prior to being sold. The coffee's delicious flavor compounds are mostly present in the first month after roasting, and after that, it's considered stale. Yes, that's right. Coffee is out of its prime by the time it even hits grocery store shelves. It is logistically impossible to acquire freshly roasted coffee unless you're buying directly from the roaster. Many times, even fancy coffee shops don't have freshly roasted beans. Why do you think they put so much cream and sugar in your coffee? Our mission is to show you what good coffee is all about. We source some of the highest quality beans in the world. We roast the beans in a small-batch roaster for superior consistency and quality. Then, we ship your beans to you within 24 hours. We are here to give you the best coffee experience possible. If you have ANY questions or need ANY help, we will be here! 

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Our process

The secret behind what makes great coffee

The producer

We source raw green coffee beans from the top 1% of coffee producers around the world. Currently, we are selecting the best family farm and estate grown coffee we can find in Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, and Sumatra. The coffee is grown at high altitudes which is ideal for growing dense, flavorful coffee beans. How good coffee tastes is directly affected by the attention to detail from farm to cup. This is why growing regions and conditions matter to us as well as hand picked and hand sorted beans. When we import the coffee beans, they are stored in an ideal temperature and humidity range and for no longer than a couple months. 

The roaster

Roasting is simply applying heat to coffee beans to transform them from green to brown. This process is what develops the coffee's flavor characteristics. Proper roasting is necessary to produce consistent, high quality coffee. At Stallion, we use a small batch drum roaster to roast our coffee beans. This provides ultimate consistency for roasts. Coffee beans are considered fresh for up to a month after coming out of the roaster. This is why we roast and ship your coffee beans within 24 hours of placing an order. 

Our charity

The impact made by purchasing our coffee.

At Stallion, we believe in working hard to make a difference in the world. We want to do what we can to make the world a better place. Nowadays, there is so much entitlement in society and not enough gratitude. We have so many great things in life that we should be thankful for. One of those things is water. 

Did you know 785 million people in the world live without clean water? Yes, that's right, while some people are complaining about traffic and the weather, there are almost a billion people in the world without access to clean water. 

At Stallion, we choose to donate a portion of our profits to Charity Water which is a non-profit that provides clean water access to struggling communities across the globe. Their administration costs are privately funded which means 100% of donations are used to supply clean water. 

Brewing Tips

How to brew the perfect cup.


Improper brewing can ruin your cup of coffee. The grind size, coffee to water ratio, and water temp all play a big role in how your coffee tastes. Brewing is all about extraction. Too much coffee extraction and your cup will be too bitter and taste burnt. Too little of extraction and your coffee will taste sour and grainy. 


We recommend grinding your beans right before you brew coffee for ultimate freshness. NEVER use a blade grinder; always use a burr grinder. A blade grinder gives you an uneven grind which will result in under extraction and over extraction in the same coffee which tastes terrible. A burr grinder grinds the bean evenly so that proper extraction can take place. Grind fine for espresso, medium-fine for aeropress, medium for drip coffee maker, medium-coarse for chemex, and coarse for french press. 

Coffee to water ratio

We recommend using about 10 grams of coffee (2 tbsp) for every 6-8 ounces of water. This is about a 1/17 coffee to water ratio which is ideal for a well-balanced cup. Adjusting the ratio will adjust the strength of the coffee. 

Water temperature

Unless you are using an automatic coffee maker, water temperature is something you'll need to keep an eye on. We recommend using water that is 195-205 degrees. If you are using an aeropress, we recommend using 175-185 degree water. Too hot of water can destroy all the flavor compounds in your coffee while too cold of water can make your coffee taste flat.

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